e 420FM Super Meltdown TripFest
The ultimate Club festival hosted by Mike Clip Payne's 420 Funk Mob. Two headlining bands doing full sets. Then a Jam to end the night.

420 Funk Mob: All The Way Live

The latest TripFest was held at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock New York and Featured an evening with special guest George Clinton..


“The 420 FM quickly created a deeply woven fabric of funk layers that brought the audience into frenzied dance late into the night.” NewYork Time

Special Events

ESPN's determined to kick-off Superbowl Sunday 2005 in style naming WEFUNK FM as the Official Tailgate Party Band for Superbowl 38 in Jacksonville Florida. WEFUNK features Mike Clip Payne and fellow members of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame's Parliament/Funkadelic and thier special guests the Godfather of Funk George Clinton and the Muzik Mafia's Jon Nicholson. The band will hit the stage set up at the ESPN House on the grounds of the stadium at 3pm on Super Sunday!ESPN Magazine

Festivals World Wide
"The fans mostly below thirty, went fully into ecstasy. Everyone in the Castle Courtyard was dancing. People were jumping up and down,throwing their hands in the air with the funk sign salute. The Driving sound of the 420 Funk Mo with speical guest Fred Wesley, had the entire Audio Soul Festival crowd swaying swaying to the seductive psychedelic funky rhythms." Helidelberg Daily Press

The 420FM Super Meltdown WETLANDS TripFest
First 420 Funk Mob appearance by George Clinton, Garry Starchild Shider,
Ron Priest Smith and Shelia Amuka Brody. Stanley Jordan was passing by outside after his gig, heard the band then came in and asked to sit in. We had no amp to for him to use so we plugged him straight into a DI. This show also featured DRUGS
with Toshi Reagon

420FM Super Meltdown TripFest Booking

420FM Super Meltdown TripFest Booking



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