420 Funk Mob

aMob Activity in Tacoma: 420FM at Jazzbones
"The 420 Funk Mob with special guest George Clinton killed it at Jazzbones for a sold out crowd. In case you missed it There is really nothing like being in a small venue, bathing in Funk and basking in the best vibes imaginable. It was likely one of the best gigs this town has ever hosted"
Paul Shrag The Volcano

The 420 Funk Mob brought their unique take on the Jam Band thing to a packed house at the Bearsville Theater on Saturday night. Parliament Funkadelic Front Man Mike Clip Payne led a band of allstar musicians through a set of original material, covers and some P Funk classics that kept the sold out crowd dancing until the closing time. A Psychedelic Funk n Soul Rock explosion
Woodstock News

"The fans, mostly below 30, went fully into ecstasy. Everyone in the Castle Courtyard was dancing. People were jumping up and down, throwing thier hands in the air with the funk sign salute.The driving sound of the Funk Mob with special guest Fred Wesley, had the entire crowd swaying to the Seductive Psychedelic Funky Rhythms."
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420 Funk Mob at the Audiosoul Festival

420 Funk Mob at the City Winery
"What began as a side trip for Parliament-Funkadelic’s Michael “Clip” Payne has evolved into one of the most versatile jam bands around, a Family Stone-meets-The-Dead vehicle that frees your mind -- so that your ass, of course, can follow. Some of the finest original funk this side of Sly Stone, Larry Graham and the Godfather of Soul. The 420 Funk Mob melds that sound with some Sixties psychedelia, a bit of Sun Ra "arkestration," and even a little soft rock, performed by a revolving cast of former P-Funk members and masterful musician friends. Jam after jam, style after style, they sync up. One collective under a frequently hypnotic groove" Jerry Demarco

Paradise Found 420 Funk: Mob Alive in Spain
Led by Parliament-Funkadelic alumni Clip Payne and Garry Shider, this riotous Mob (420 Funk Mob) dips a wet finger into early '70s Funkadelic. The 'lectric Kool-Aid they offer is vividly hued, sweet, granular. This 3-CD European debut was recorded live after just three hours of rehearsal. With 20 people going at it, things can be a bit of a mush, but the weird bubbles up readily and frequently, setting them apart from today's P-Funk oldies revue. The wind falls out of a few cuts midway, but then a carnal sax or madness-flecked keyboard offers subtle variations on the theme, riding the handclap current until the songbirds and trombones soar. Bonus DVD footage from 2004 fills in the visuals, revealing a band intent on living new chapters in the George Clinton legacy. The be-dreaded one even joins them in Spain, offering his own funky anointing to the proceedings. This is solid stuff if not the full blown return to Pedro-Bell-psychedelic-glory one might want.

Dennis Cook for

420 Funk Mob: All The Way Live

420 Funk Mob with special guest Cordell Boogie Mosson 1999

420FM Wetlands first of two sold out nights at the Wetlands
George Clinton's 1st show with surprise guest Stanley Jordan

420 Funk Mob/ Rx w George Clinton & Kidd Funkadelic Harvest Festival 15

The 420 Funk Mob/Rx t their unoodstock Times

BOOK THE 420 Funk Mob/Rx

Bring Back the Funk Parliament Funkadelic Lives On
The Parliament/Funkadelic legacy lives on with the formation of two spin off bands 420 Funk Mob and DRUGS..........Arranged with filtered vocals, psychedelic melodies, gut-wrenching rhythms, wah-wah pedals, thick bass lines and Clips coarse dense tone, the 420 Funk Mob and DRUGS sound like a medley between some spunky Grateful Dead and a Jimi Hendrix style jam session........
University of Miami Hurricane

The Clinton that did Inhale
Last Thursday night, over 500 people gathered for a sold-out funk festival at the Haunt, put on by Parliament-Funkadelic off-shoots DRUGS, Kidd Funkadelic, and 420 FM with special guest George Clinton. Throughout the night, concert-goers packed shoulder to shoulder and shook the small, hot, upstate-backward space of the Haunt as they got down to each of the three conglomerate bands' slightly different take on the classic P-Funk style.......
Dave Gilman Cornell Daily Sun


420 Funk Mob
420 Funk Mob with special guests guitarists Eric McFadden & Leo Nocentelli of the Meters
Mike Clip Payne, Andre Foxxe, Ted Orr, Zachary Alford, Mark Dan, Greg Fitz, The LAW

420 Funk Mob ClouD9 March 2013
Mike Clip Payne, Lige Curry, Danny Bedrosian,Greg Thomas, Mike Funkadelic Hampton, Benzel Cowens

Festival, Club, Special Event booking

420 Funk Mob
Lead Vocals/MC

Mike Clip Payne

Bass Players
Lige Curry (Funkadelic)
Billy Bass Nelson (Funkadelic)
Skeet Curtis (Maceo Parker, Pfunk)
Fred Cash Jr (Big Lovely)
Derrik Davis (Original P)
Mark Dan (Dharma Bums)
Alana Orr (Van Hunt)

Guitar Players
Mike Kidd Funkadelic Hampton (Funkadelic)
Garry Starchild Shider (Funkadelic)
Cordell Boogie Mosson (Funkadelic)
Blackbyrd McKnight (Funkadelic)
Rickey Rouse (P-Funk Allstars, Dr Dre)
Ted Orr (Blob)
Adam Widoff (Lenny Kravitz)
Ron Priest Smith (The Spinners)
Jeremy Bernstein (Stoney Clove)
Burnell Pines (Burnell Pines)
Darian Cunning (Jen Durkin)
The Flash (The Woo Warriors)
Eric McFadden (Stolkhom Syndrom)
Jen Leigh (Kelis)
Joey Eppard (3)
JB Tenney (4th Wall)

Gabe Gonzalez (P-Funk)
Zach Alford (B52s, Gwen Stefani)
Chicken Burke (Big Lovely)
Adrian Tramontano (Kung Fu)
Gartdrum (3)
Richie "Shakin" Nagan

Amp Fiddler (Amp Fidder, PFunk)
Danny Bedrosian (Pfunk)
Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Greg Fitz (Bootsy's Collins)
Ross Rice

Stephanie McKay (McKay, Herbie Hancock)
The LAW (Amy Winehouse)
Kendra Foster (Pfunk)
Garry Starchild Shider (Pfunk)
Rock Attack 10 (Gotcha)

Greg Thomas (Parliament)
Fred Wesley (Horny Horns)
Paul Henderson (Karl Berger)
Dave Cast (Karl Berger)
Dean Jones (Dog with Fleas)
Shane Kirsch (Fuzzy Flow)

Lili Haydn (Sting)
Zach Brock (Stanley Clark)

Special Guests
George Clinton
Fred Wesley (JBs)
Dr.Know (Bad Brains)
Daryl Jenifer (Bad Brains)
Leo Nocentelli (Meters)
James Otto (MuzikMafia)
Shannon Lawson (MuzikMafia)
Jon "King" Nicholson (MuzikMafia)
Stanley Jordan
DJ Logic

Basic Back Line*
2 Fender Blues Devilles with foot switches
2 Fender Twins with foot switches
2 Aqular, Mesa Boogie, or Ampeg SVT pro (with eq) Heads
2 8x10 Cabinets
1 Yahmaha Motiff
1 Nord Select or Stage
1 Mini Moog
2 Double keyboard Stands
2 single X stands
Yahmaha, Sonor, DW 6 piece Drum Kit with hardware and cymbal stands
24-26' kick drum, 2 Rack Toms 10-12', 1 Floor Tom 14', 1 Standard 14'x5' Snare,
1 14' Picolo Snare, 1 Swivel Drum throne, 1 Double Bass Drum pedal, 2 Zildjian Crash Cymbals
17'/18', 1 Zildjian Ride 21', 2 14' Zildjian High Hat Cymbals, 1 Zildjian Splash Cymbal 10'
2 Tamborines with heads.
1 Dunop Bass Wha (White)
2 Dunlop Crybaby Whas
1 MXR phase shirter pedal
1 pair of Senheiser 421 Microphones and Clips
1 Microphone Stand
2 25 ft Microphone cables
1 Cd Burner
All Neccessary cables required to operate equipment and pedals
*subject to change

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